Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Movies

We have been talking about converting home movies to DVD format. I discovered this interesting web site Center for Home Movies.  There is a lot of good information. I think it might be fun to have a Home Movie Day.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mission Possible Part 2 November 2010

The reporting session of Mission Possible was held on November 4, 2010.
I was pleased that so many of the sisters had success with their missions.

Mission #1 -- Several sisters reported how they are organizing their documents and other memorabilia. There is a good method for organizing your hard drive for genealogy research on You Tube. It is from Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems.

Organize Your Hard Drive

Mission #2 -- The sister who had this mission had saved her genealogy information digitally with Personal Ancestral File years ago. Her computer had crashed and she had lost it all. It was in the days when back-up and recovery systems were not as good as now. She is starting over again with Roots Magic. Fortunately she has her hard copies and though it might be tedious, she can transfer her information to Roots Magic and also New Family Search.

Mission #3 -- The sister who completed this mission enjoyed seeing all that is available on New Family Search. She said it took a long time because she has dial-up Internet service. Probably we should take a group of sisters to the Family Search Center in Riverton and introduce them to New Family Search there using the computers that are available there.

Mission #4 -- The sister who completed this mission wrote a ten-page report about her grandmother. She found much interesting information from an aunt who lives in Nauvoo and wants to follow up and learn more about other ancestors. Her report on her grandmother was very interesting.

Mission #5 -- Thanks to this sister and her husband we had two yummy desserts for refreshments, an apple cobbler and a cherry loaf. Both were prized family recipes.

Mission #6 --This mission was "Display Your Heritage" and we heard a very interesting report of how this sister inherited her grandmother's china and how she displays it in her home.

Mission #7 -- The sister who started doing Family Search Indexing went gungho! She has given a lot of service throughout the month and learned many things about the program and is a great resource to the rest of us.

Mission #8 -- This mission was to create an Internet blog. The sister who had this assignment was not able to create a blog but she is involved in many other family history projects.

Mission #9  -- This was a photography mission. Maybe we can do more with this project at another time in Relief Society.

Mission # 10 -- This sister reported on watching several TV programs about family history. She reviewed several episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? and Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates Jr.