Wednesday, July 17, 2013

George Allgood 1846-1909 Mormon Pioneer

This posting was written for the Drake Extended Family about our common ancestor George Allgood.

With Pioneer Day being next week, July 24th, I thought some of you might like to know more about George Allgood who was an official Mormon pioneer (came to Utah before the transcontinental railroad was completed). He is the pioneer that Grandma Emily Allgood Drake used to obtain membership in the Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP).

The year was 1864. He was 18 years old and came from England with his mother and his brother and sister. For details go to Mormon Migration and type George Allgood into the search box. You will learn the name of the ship and other interesting details. There are links to personal journals written by other passengers.

Then go to Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel type in George Allgood 1846 -1909 (dates optional) and you will learn that he was in the Joseph S. Rawlins Company. The wagon train started in Wyoming, Nebraska not to be confused with the state or territory of Wyoming.

There are some interesting experiences related in the journals. Here are just a few details.

In 1864 the Civil War was raging. So this group of immigrants had to contend with the war in addition to all the other hardships. 

The ship struck an iceberg at one point. The reason the ship went so far north was to avoid Confederate ships. Actually their ship was sunk by the Confederates on its return voyage to England.

They went up the Hudson River to Albany and then on to Buffalo and into Canada coming back into the U.S. through Michigan, traveling on many boats and trains.

The steamboat that took them up the Missouri River had been attacked by rebel "gorillas" a fortnight before they traveled on it. It must have been a time of anxiety.

They were surprised somewhat by the appearance of the teamsters who had come from Utah with their ox teams and wagons to take them to Utah. They had wide brimmed hats and bullwhips. (Maybe it was like seeing cowboys for the first time.) 

There was some trouble with Indians and with the U.S. Army trying to confiscate some of the oxen. 

In another source I have learned that they were participants in the Perpetual Immigration Fund. 

I encourage you to read the journals and letters of the Allgood family's fellow travelers.

And of course, you can also use these two web sites to locate information about your other Mormon Pioneer ancestors.

Happy Pioneer Day!!!

Love, Aunt Jeanette

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