Thursday, August 1, 2013

Langley Allgood Bailey cousin of George Allgood

This post was written as an email to the Drake Extended Family about our common Allgood ancestors.
I have learned some interesting things since I wrote the email about our pioneer ancestor George Allgood.
Leighanne forwarded the email to Patricia, daughter of Paulette Fefita, daughter of Ruth Allgood Larsen. She lives in Denver and her kids are going on trek this year. They were quite excited to learn about their pioneer ancestor and Patricia sent me an email to find out how they are related to George Allgood.
Patricia and I exchanged several emails. Then her kids went to a trek fireside and as soon as they got in the car after the fireside they asked her if we were related to an Agnes Allgood who was in the ill-fated handcart companies of 1856.
This is what I have found out so far. I did not find an Agnes Allgood. But I did find Langley Allgood Bailey age 18 who was in the Edward Martin Handcart Company of 1856 with his father John Bailey 49, his mother Jane Allgood Bailey 45, and his brothers John 15, Thomas 11 or 12, David 5. I have established that Jane Allgood Bailey is the sister of the John Allgood who is George’s father. Their parents are Langley Allgood and Elizabeth Wakefield. So GeorgeAllgood and Langley Allgood Bailey are first cousins. Obviously Langley Allgood Bailey was named after his maternal grandfather.
The Bailey family apparently settled in Nephi, Juab County and Moroni, Sanpete County. There are at least two Jane Allgoods. One is Jane Allgood Bailey and the other is her niece Jane or Sarah Jane Allgood the sister of George. She lived in Coalville and Emily knew her as Aunt Jane. I do not remember her married surname.
Langley Allgood Bailey wrote a journal and there are excerpts at the Mormon Migration web site Mormon Migration  and the Overland Travels  site Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel. To find them type Langley Allgood Bailey into the search boxes and then look at the lists of references that will come up.
I think the younger members of our family who are going on trek would be interested in the experiences of Langley Allgood Bailey on the trail.
I am interested in his entire journal. He later returned to Great Britain as a missionary. If he visited family during his mission and wrote about them, there could be some important genealogical clues. The next thing to do is to get access to the journal and to read it.
How about  if we have a “Family Book Club” and we all read Langley Allgood Bailey’s journal together?  

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