Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Salt Lake Community College Genealogy 1000 Computer & Internet Tools for Genealogy

This semester (Spring 2014) I am taking the course Genealogy 1000 Computer & Internet Tools for Genealogy at Salt Lake Community College. It is an online class and I am auditing the class as a senior. I am doing the assignments and being graded, but I will not receive any college credit. (I already have my B.S. degree from Utah State University.) The instructor is Janet Hovorka who is well qualified. 
Here is my first assignment a post to the discussion "Getting to Know You."
I took the Genealogy 1000 class Fall semester 2011. I wanted to continue with the next genealogy class in the series and registered for Genealogy 1010. Unfortunately the class was cancelled because not enough students were registered. Then my life got very busy and now I want to continue my genealogy education. Since the SLCC  Genealogy courses have changed and many things on the Internet and with software have changed I am choosing to repeat Genealogy 1000. My immediate family history goals are to organize and digitize my files and to update four generations of my family history. I am a senior auditing this class, but I am not retired. My family owns a goat dairy Drake Family Farms in West Jordan Utah. We sell goat milk, yogurt, cheese and goat milk soap. My husband and I have eight children, 21 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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